Drinking the Kool-Aid

by Ashok Nayar

No, I don’t mean to reference to LSD (although I hear that’s pretty fun), but instead to getting ahead of yourself.  As an entreprenuer, it’s important to be passionate about your idea.  99% of people will doubt you and the only motivator you’ll have is yourself.  That being said, it’s extremely important to be dynamic and to be agile.  And time and time again you hear about entrepreneurs who are so obsessed with their vision that they turn a blind eye to any constructive criticism.  Typically, what you start with as an idea is not what you end up with as a product.  Things change, markets change, customers change.

I’ve personally been in this spot many times.  It can go the other way too, where I get a call from an investor and think I’ve already got funding!  Or I get so ahead of myself to think that my project will cure the world and I’ll be the next Bill Gates.  It’s great to dream.  It’s important to dream.  Fortunately, I have a partner who keeps my feet on the ground so I don’t get stuck in the clouds.  But you need to be realistic, but passionate.  Ambitious, but not myopic.  But, and this may seem counter to my whole post, do what really feels right to you.  Make sure you listen to others, but in the end, follow your gut.