Finding Solace in the Unknown

by Ashok Nayar

Sometimes I wonder what really drives me.  Is it the lack of success? The anticipation of failure?  The anticipation of grandeur?  As a former poker player, it was often the time between playing that was most engaging.  The unknown place that’s between now and what’s next.  Comforting in its solitude and morose in its ubiquity, it was what had not happened yet that was most appealing.

In starting a business there are times that frighten.  What if it all really works out?  Then what?  Of course, good problems aside, is there ever a time in an entrepreneurs life where that question is even worth asking?  Is it ethical to ask such a question?  Is it appropriate?  Is hesitant optimism too much of an oxymoron to take seriously?  What if customers don’t like the product?  What if they love the product?  What if it’s all for nothing?  What if it’s all for everything?

But in the end, when approaching such questions, I find myself realizing that it’s the questions that drive us.  It’s the unknown that drive entrepreneurs.  The unknown that compels us to wake up every morning to find out.  And, like the proverbial dog who tries ever so hard to catch his tail, we really wouldn’t know what to do when we catch it.  But, really?  That’s okay.  That’s what it’s all about.