Being Afraid to Share Who You Are

by Ashok Nayar

I hope this post doesn’t come off as too preachy, but I’ve recently taken to posting music that some would call questionable in the traditionally “cool” sense.  Music like Dave Matthews playing with Tim Reyonlds.  Music like Alexi Murdoch.  Music that most would find correlates with a specific kind of person.  Those types of generalizations are part of why most people update their status’ using very calculated posts.  Ones that portray them to be the person they think they want to be.  The person that they think others will most respect.  The truth though is that respect comes from having the courage to show the world who you really are.   While social media allows you to convince others that you’re not really listening to a specific song, or reading a specific book, or watching a specific tv show by curating your updates, the ability to understand the value in diverse interests is what depth is all about.

Music is supposed to inspire emotion.  So how does a logical person rationalize the value in only listening to one specific type of music?  And if you actually do listen to multiple genres, why not share that with your graph?  Inspire others to be unafraid of showing the world who they are.   I listen to Dave and Tim when I want to sit down with a coffee and a cigarette and think about the mistakes I’ve made in my life.  And think about what the future may hold.  I listen to Thugz Mansion when I want to realize how much of my life I take for granted.  I listen to Led Zeppelin when I want to feel like I’m a sex god and live in a world of delusion.  And I listen to Tyler and Pusha when I want to feel like a boss.  Emotion isn’t unidimensional.  There’s no reason to prove to the world that you are as well.